The Value We Offer

Value is a ladder, according to Leo Pusateri, author of an important book on branding and making a difference in the client's mind. ("Mirror Mirror on the Wall-Am I The Most Valued Of Them All? The Ultimate Element of Differentiation is YOU"). We subscribe to this philosophy and demonstrate its benefits to our clients every day.

At the bottom rungs, as you just begin to climb through our initial sales contact on the value ladder, we answer "who we are" and "what we do."

As you continue to climb with us--and this is a joint exercise in many ways--we answer "why we think you should join with us as your service provider" and "how we will enhance and continue our relationship together." We ask the right questions and advise you early in the sales process what will occur. With our experience, we can foresee bumps before they happen.

We always show "for whom else we have done similar work." We demo similar projects to you, but we stress we offer custom handling, since no two clients' needs are exactly alike. We are fortunate to have many great samples and references.

Further along the heightening value ladder, we explain "what makes us different." This is our dedication to client service, personal attention, speed and efficiency in getting a problem handled, with follow-up to ensure it's been resolved.

Finally, at the pinnacle of the ladder, we impress "why you should do business with us." Often that results in a period of close collaboration early in the relationship as you adjust from your earlier method of getting paid. In time, the rhythm is established and you settle in to our superior service and client support.

And if we really are earning our stripes, you refer us on to others so we can repeat this experience for your friend or colleague.

Please allow us to demonstrate how our value ladder can help you rise above the woeful state of client service and electronic payments techno-babble, to what you deserve, an exceptional relationship.